What did Napoleon do for the Louvre
The collection of the Louvre quickly increased due to paintings and sculptures confiscated during the revolution by the clergy and nobles. In addition, revolutionary France waged war with almost the…

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Sculpture (lat. Sculptura, from sculpo - carve, cut), sculpture, plastic (Greek plastike, from plasso - sculpt), a form of fine art based on the principle of a three-dimensional, physically three-dimensional…

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Henry Moore - The Genius of Plaster Art
In sculpture, gypsum is often considered as a means to create the primary model, which is then used to make more durable work of stone or metal. Nevertheless, it is…

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Art Evaluation Criteria

The term “art”, the definition of “art” can be attributed to a variety of objects – from prehistoric drawings on stones and ceramics to rubble household and industrial rubbish in art galleries. But although music, theater, ballet and literature are also referred to the field of art, most often this term implies visual art, and primarily painting.
For centuries, people have been trying to understand what art is. Artists and art historians fought and argued, holding various opinions. (The French artist Manet so diverged his views with one of the critics that he challenged him to a duel.) There are many controversial questions, but no, and there will never be any definite, intelligible answers. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions – and only you can choose what you like best.
For some, art should be, first of all, beautiful, for others – realistic, third more important is whether it Continue reading

Pictures of an Elusive World – Ukiyo-e

Identity is a key feature of Japanese ukiyo-e engravings. Having no analogies in the art of other countries of the Far East, this system formed the basis for the formation of not only the culture of Japan itself, but also influenced the historical course and formation of the whole world culture.

For almost two centuries (XVII – XIX centuries), dating back to the Edo era, Ukiyo-e existed, originating in the bowels of urban culture and going a long and interesting way, captured by masters of Japanese engraving creating their paintings at different periods.

Hisikawa Moronobu (1618-1694) is considered the founder of the ukiyo-e engraving. He was the first to create not only book illustrations, but also easel works. By signing each and treating them as true works of art, Moronobu was a huge success. His art, the work of his students and younger contemporaries (Torii Kiyonobu and Kaygetsudo Ando) determined the style of the early engraving of ukiyo-e. The main genres that formed during this period were bidzing and yakusha-e. Continue reading

How to choose a quality brush?

Any brush consists of three main parts: a hair bundle, a metal clip and a wooden handle.

Metal clip. Seamless metal clips of high-quality brushes made of seamless copper or brass can be coated with chrome or nickel. The holder of the brush should be tightly filled with hairs and firmly cover the handle around the circumference. To make the brush stronger, the hair bundle is glued to the handle, but the adhesive should not reach the upper end of the clip. This makes it necessary to use longer hairs so that the brush can be rotated by the desired degree during operation.

A pen. Pens of good quality can only be made of hardwood, such as beech, oak, birch. The handle and metal cage are pressed together for greater strength.

Hair bundle. The hair bundle, the actual working part of the brush, is natural or synthetic hair of a Continue reading

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Angelik Kaufman
Angelik Kaufman, a German artist of the 18th century can be safely put on a par with the most famous representatives of classicism. Now her name is not very well…


From the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries. various new trends in French painting came together under the name post-impressionism, which consciously opposed certain principles of impressionism. Post-impressionism…


Winter landscape (Nature. Oil and pastel)
What serves as an inspiration to the artist? What drives the artist, forcing him to look for more and more new motives for creativity? Levitan Isaac Ilyich. March It is…


Pictures of an Elusive World - Ukiyo-e
Identity is a key feature of Japanese ukiyo-e engravings. Having no analogies in the art of other countries of the Far East, this system formed the basis for the formation…