The Parable of the Prodigal Son
For many centuries, the Bible has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, poets, and writers. Without claiming to be innovative, we will see how the three great artists…

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Rococo (French rococo - artsy, bizarre from rocaille - rocky from roc - rock, cliff). Rococo is an original art style developed in the art of France in the first…

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The sculptural industry of Great Dali

Salvador Dali is a brilliant Spanish painter and sculptor, who left behind hundreds of outstanding works. Surrealistic sculptures of the master evoke a whole gamut of feelings from the viewer, shocking and stunning the imagination. Thanks to the enterprise of Dali and his partners, they managed to build a whole sculptural industry that exists even after the death of the creator.

The most famous sculptures of Salvador Dali

Dali was one of the prominent representatives of the surrealist movement, and many of the sculptural works of the master are made in this style. The largest collection of Dali’s works in the world is presented in the genius art gallery in Figueres. A huge number of works are in the hands of private collectors. Dali also created quite a lot of various street sculptural compositions. Many of the largest sculptures are currently located in city squares and parks.

Lobster Phone – A Plaster Masterpiece of Surrealism

The lobster phone is a surreal object created by Salvador Dali in 1936 for the English poet Edward James. The famous writer was a leading collector of surreal art of his time. The work is a composition of a regular work phone and a gypsum lobster that acts as a tube.

This is a classic example of a surrealistic object combining objects that are usually not related to each other. Technique leads to the creation of something strange, sophisticated, unusual. Dali believed that such objects could reveal the secret desires of the unconscious. The master believed that both the lobster and the phone have secret sexual connotations (meanings). Phones often appeared in the artist’s work, and he used lobster to cover his female genital organs with his models during the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

May West Sofa Lips – Dedication to a Woman

This is a surreal lip-shaped sculpture that visually resembles a sofa. However, you cannot use the sofa lips for the intended purpose, since the object is made of gypsum and polyurethane foam. The sculpture was created in 1972 on the model of the lips of actress May West, which Dali, apparently, found charming. To give the lips a natural red color, a special color coating was applied to the sculpture.

The sofa was made in 1973 by Bocaccio Design. He currently represents part of the art collection of the Rotterdam Museum.

Persistence of memory – painting and sculpture

When Dali presented the picture “Persistence of Memory” to the public, critics praised the depth and metaphor of the work. To date, the canvas “Constancy of memory”, written in 1931, is considered one of the most recognizable works of surrealism. Such popularity of the work inspired the author to create a sculptural copy. The sculpture is often referred to as the “Soft Watch”, as it depicts a curved watch dial flowing down from a tree branch.

The artistic version of “Persistence of Memory” is in the famous MoMA Museum in New York. The sculpture can be appreciated by visiting the Museum of London.

Newton de Gala

Creativity Dali still inspires artists, sculptors and architects to create creative objects. So, in Madrid, the architect Francisco Mangado created the creative space of the Plaza de Dali, dedicated to the work of the great master. Among other works, here you can see the original sculpture of Newton de Gala.

This work was created as a tribute to Newton. She portrays a man in an unnatural pose, whose limbs and head are turned in different directions. Experts believe that this Dali wanted to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of man.

Sculptures in Marbella

Despite the fact that during his life, Dali had nothing to do with the Spanish resort city of Marbella, it was here that about ten of his street sculptures are exhibited. The city administration has equipped a whole pedestrian alley on which the master’s works are located. The most famous of them are the sculptures “Naked Staircase”, “Perseus”, “Gala at the Window”.

Despite the fact that all works are presented as originals, there is a version that copies are installed on the streets. Most of the works are made of bronze.

Sculpture business Dali

Once in 1973, Salvador Dali saw a painting by a Spanish artist, Goye, exhibited in a Madrid art gallery, and decided that he should purchase it. He began negotiations on this subject with the gallery owner Isidro Clot. He was an extraordinary person and refused to take money. Clot suggested that in exchange for a picture, Dali would start creating small models of sculptures that the dealer would have the right to copy and sell.

Dali replied: “Send me the contract, and my wife and I will think it over.” Within a few days, the contract was signed at the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona.

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