July 11, 2022

How Business Founders Can Find More of the Right Buyers in Less Time

Written by Marissa Minter

Creating an incredible product or service is a huge accomplishment, but that accomplishment goes to waste if you can’t get it in front of the right people. This is where prospecting is vital for business founders.

While prospecting is extremely important, it can also be fairly time-consuming if you don’t have the right solutions to support your efforts. And, as any business owner knows, time is extremely valuable.

Someone who truly understands the value of time AND the value of prospecting is Desmond Legge, the founder of Growth Systemz – a B2B SaaS consulting business. Desmond helps early-stage SaaS companies achieve incredible revenue growth goals.

“Time is the only currency you have as a founder or business owner,” says Desmond. “Spending time on what really matters in your company is going to be the difference between success and failure, particularly in the early stages of your company.”

When it comes to prospecting, Desmond has been able to make the most of his time by using Apollo, a B2B go-to-market solution. In fact, he saves five to ten hours weekly when using Apollo for prospecting as compared to other systems he has used in the past.

“Starting your own business is really about maximizing your time, and Apollo is a great tool to help you do that,” explains Desmond. “You’ll spend less time prospecting, managing spreadsheets, and verifying contacts, and have more time to invest in your product or service.”

Here are the two main ways Apollo helps Desmond find more of the right buyers, in less time.

Keeping prospecting work consolidated in one place

Before running his own company, Desmond worked in sales for several large organizations. At these companies, prospecting was the main part of his role, but it also took way more time than necessary. In part, this was because he was going back and forth between multiple systems as part of his workflow.

“It’s common for there to be multiple, distributed systems for sales at these larger organizations, and ultimately, those solutions cost significantly more than Apollo,” explains Desmond. “I remember being in my previous sales roles and wondering why all of these prospecting tasks couldn’t just be on one platform. So, I’m really grateful that Apollo exists and puts everything in one place. That’s a huge part of the value in using Apollo.”

When it comes to prospecting and sales overall, Desmond spends most of his time in Apollo, which acts as an end-to-end sales solution.

“I love that the outbound campaigns are built inside Apollo so that you’re not wasting time exporting contacts to a CSV and then uploading them to another platform. That in itself is a huge time saver,” says Desmond.

Contact scraping in bulk

In past sales roles, Desmond would spend a ton of time using clunky systems to scrape for contacts one by one.

“I would talk to my sales managers and directors about being more efficient with this, and we couldn’t figure out how,” says Desmond. “And then, when I started my own company, I used Apollo and it has been a night and day difference in terms of prospecting efficiency.”

In Apollo, Desmond can search in bulk and also scrape entire pages of LinkedIn in bulk.

“This is saving myself and my clients who use Apollo a significant amount of time,” says Desmond. “I recommend Apollo to all of my clients, and right out of the gate I tell them to use bulk prospecting. Not everyone has been through the process of prospecting the historical way, so they don’t always have the same appreciation for bulk prospecting that I do. But it’s a huge time saver.”

Reaching out with accurate email addresses

Another way Desmond avoids wasting time is by ensuring his outreach efforts are reaching the right inboxes thanks to Apollo’s email verification.

When you request an email within Apollo, a six-step verification process kicks in to validate the email. We do the work for you of comparing data against LinkedIn, cross-checking against bounced emails, and other verification steps.

This industry-leading automated verification process occurs in real-time to provide you with the accurate information you need to prospect effectively.

“This is another really good feature that ensures you’re only sequencing contacts that have a high degree of accuracy. This is something that not a lot of platforms do well,” says Desmond.

To summarize…

At the end of the day, Desmond finds Apollo to be a no-brainer decision for any business founder.

“Don’t forget that there’s a dollar amount attached to your time as a business owner,” advises Desmond. “So yes, there’s the cost of the more advanced Apollo plans, but the ROI is significantly higher than ten times. The time you end up saving on prospecting is way more valuable than the cost you pay for Apollo.”

If you’re a business founder wanting to find more of the right buyers in less time like Desmond, try Apollo for free today.

Marissa Minter